Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Local Library Bookstore Finds

From Local Library book store.

I went to check out two local library's book store around my area to find some books to read. Thank you Friends of the Library for having these stores. It's a great place for super affordable books and the purchases helps fund our local libraries. Some books were actually in really good conditions and yea.. some were just old. The hardest part was going through the selections and hoping they have the one that I wanted. Therefore, these were the books I picked up:

Upside Down Inside Out-Monica McInerney
-->Sounds like a fun relaxing read.

Maximum Ride Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports-James Patterson
-->I have the first two books of the Maximum Ride I was pretty happy that they have volume third in hardcover.

One Day-David Nicholls
-->I knew that the movie came out a while ago but I wanted to read it first before watching the film.

The Elephant Keeper-Christopher Nicholson
-->Sounds like one of those tearjerkers type of book. A boy befriending an elephant and stuff happens.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan-Lisa See
-->Sounds really touching.. a girl, Lily, and her laotong, Snow Flower, communicate by writing poems on fans. But Lily made a mistake..(I want to know what she did.)

State of Wonder
-Ann Patchett
-->Sounds like a good adventure story in the Amazon rainforest.

Generation Dead-Daniel Waters
-->I do have the paperback combine version of book one and two of the Generation Dead series but this is the hardcover copy of vol.1 for a gotta get it. Teenage zombies + high school..I say why not.

The Lovely Bones-Alice Sebold
-->I was thinking to myself wouldn't it be nice if I could find a copy of The Lovely Bones and right in front of me..yep. The cover might look old but it's the inside that counts.

My Year of Meats-Ruth L. Ozeki
-->Debut novel of Ruth L. Ozeki. Not too sure how meats play in part in this story but sounds interesting.

Ya'know, it was actually a worthwhile trip going to the library bookstores. Scored a ton of neat books. Definitely check the place out if your local libraries have them. Till next time.

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