Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Haul #1

I'm beginning to think in my mailbox post is just like a book haul. Since my in my mailbox is still on reverse mode(still got a few more to do), I'll call this post book haul #1. I got lots of books in this week. I think I've maxed my book purchasing quota for the year lol. You may have heard about these books since a lot of them came up in many people's book blog an v-book blog.

I was really excited when all of these came in ^O^. I'm gonna have fun reading for a while now. So here we go.

I wanted to read something cute and sweet:

Anna and the French Kiss-Stephanie Perkins
Lola and the Boy Next Door-Stephanie Perkins

-->Heard a lot of good reviews of Anna. I've been wanting to read this. Lola is a companion with different characters and story I think. I'm so ready to read some cute romantic YA books.

The Mara Dyer Series...

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer-Michelle Hodkin
The Evolution of Mara Dyer-Michelle Hodkin

-->Mara wakes up in a hospital and she doesn't know how she got there and her friends are dead(only she survived)..sounds like a dark, scary?, mystery YA book. Can't wait to read them.

The Diviners series...

The Diviners-Libba Bray

-->First volume of the Diviners series by Libba Bray. I'm currently listening to her Beauty Queen audiobook right now and it's absolutely awesome. I thought why not check this one out since she's venturing into historical, paranormal, murder mystery genre. The Diviners is set in 1920s and Evie just move to NYC to live with her uncle who runs a creepy occult-like museum. Unfortunately recent murders are happening there too so Evie and her Uncle will have to find the culprit. I heard the villain in this book is super evil here. I'm very curious to see how the story develope.

The Benny Imura series...

Rot & Ruin-Jonathan Maberry
Rust & Decay-Jonathan Maberry

-->I wanted to read more books about zombies after reading Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. Rot & Ruin and Rust & Decay are book 1 and book 2 of the Benny Imura series. It just sounds really fun to read about Benny, a teenage boy, who starts zombie hunting with his older bro, Tom, and grow as a person through different obstacles he faces. Also Flesh & Bone (the last book of the series) is also out but I think I'm gonna wait until I finish these two first before I get it.

Vampire Academy series...

Vampire Academy-Richelle Mead
Frostbite-Richelle Mead
Shadow Kiss-Richelle Mead

Blood Promise-Richelle Mead
Spirit Bound-Richelle Mead
Last Sacrifice-Richelle Mead

-->A highly recommended series by many book blog I've read and video book blog I've seen. Thus, I gave in to getting the whole six books of the of the Vampire Academy series. If you've seen my post earlier, I kind of got Bloodlines and The Golden Lily and realize that I should read the Vampire Academy first even though the Bloodline series focuses on a different character of the same world. So I got it. I'm hoping this will be a good vampire books read.

That is it for this haul. I'll put reviews of these books up once I'm finish with them. If you've read any of these books, feel free to comment about it below. If you have any suggestions of cool books to read also please comment below. Till next time ^0^.


  1. Nice haul! I have been wanting to read Anna and the French Kiss, I heard great things about it! Hope you enjoy your books!
    Kelly @
    The Secret Bookworm

    1. I'm now following by GFC.
      Feel free to return the favor if you'd like!