Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monsters, Zombies, and Darkest Powers Book Haul

To feed my monsters and zombies books craving, I went and got :

The Monstrumologist series:
The Monstrumologist (book1 )
The Isle of Blood (book 3)

The Darkest Powers series:
The Awakening
The Summoning

(The above 4 titles I got it as a 4 deal on Amazon. )

The News Flesh trilogy: Feed, Deadline, and Blackout by Mira Grant

Wanted to try reading more monsters, zombies, and paranormal related books after reading Warm Bodies. I may save this for Halloween reads :)

* 2/13/13 I was able to obtain The Reckoning to complete The Darkest Powers trilogy. \(^o^)/yay.

* 3/05/13 So cool. The fourth book of monstrumologist will be out this September.

They all look so good. Don't know which one I should read first.

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